2019 Highway Cleanup:

We're having the annual Memorial Day weekend cleanup of the Highway on Sunday, May 26. Meet at the Jasperson garage at 10:00 a.m. I'll have garbage bags. We've had great turn outs the past few years. It should take less than an hour. Thanks, Judy Jasperson

2016 Dates:


May 29 Cleanup Day:


The first date for three of our cleanups of the adopt-a-mile adopted by the Harding Lake Association will be Sunday, May 29th.  We will gather at 10 AM at the Jasperson garage on Salcha Drive.  It is the gray garage on the lake side of the road shortly after you turn right at the T-intersection and head downhill on Salcha Drive.  It should not take more than an hour to clean the one mile section of the Richardson that parallels the lake.  The more that show up, the quicker we finish.  Thank you to Judy Jasperson for continuing to chair the adopt-a-mile committee for our association.


Lake breakup update:


I have attached two photos just taken about 7:45 PM this evening, May 6th.  The amount of open water has increased significantly since this morning.  Birch Lake is totally free of ice today and Harding Lake is usually free of ice about 7 days later.  So by the end of next weekend at the latest I am predicting that Harding Lake will be ice free.


Salcha area meeting at Salcha Senior Center:



Five Harding Lake Association members attended a meeting this evening at the Salcha Senior Center.  The meeting was called by Salcha area residents who are concerned about an application for a marijuana growing operation on Canaday Road, which is some 10 miles north of Harding Lake.  Concerns were aired and the applicant was there to explain they would have a growing operation only, no sales on the site with sales only to manufacturing and dispensaries operations offsite.  The owner of the site on Canaday Road has yet to obtain a wetlands permit from the Corps of Engineers.  The Harding Lake Association representatives attended to listen only and the association is taking no position on this particular issue at this time.

2015 Clean Up Dates:

Memorial Day Weekend:  Sunday, May 24--10:00 a.m. at Jasperson's garage. We'll clean the highway mile.


July 4th Weekend:  Since the 4th is a Saturday, we'll clean the following weekend, July 12th. This is the day we devote to Salcha Drive. Everyone cleans the area around their own cabin, sometime during the day. Think 10:00 a.m. so you get it accomplished early in your day!


Labor Day Weekend:  Sunday, September 6--10:00 a.m. at Jasperson's garage. We'll go back to the highway mile. 


Many hands, light work. Takes less than an hour. Great time to see each other while doing a civic duty. Bring gloves, bags, and bug dope.

The Adopt A Highway program has been held for three years and about to start on its fourth year at Harding Lake.


The program asks that your group cleans three times a year. I varied the dates the first two years and have now settled in to the Sunday of the Annual picnic, once in July after the 4th, and a final time on Labor Day weekend. We always meet at 10:00 a.m. and it takes about an hour. We do our strip of the highway and then Salcha Drive as we head home. 


Each time our group has grown, with more than 20 working last September. We decided to start a sign-in sheet next summer, just to keep track. The fall turnout the first year was just Jimmy and I, so you can imagine that a turnout of 20+ was amazing! 


Depending on the how much trash is on the Highway, we also might devote our efforts entirely to Salcha Drive. When that happens, the entire membership is encouraged to clean the road around their driveways. We don't necessarily gather at the Jasperson garage then, but work our own areas. 


It's always great visiting while we work. Everyone is welcome.


Judy Jasperson is the coordinator of the Adopt A Highway program.